Everyone loves pretty, and they will do facial care, but the bag is also needed for maintenance~~~!!
When the bag has been used for a long time, the surface becomes slightly rougher, some cracks, and the color is a little faded. All of the above are the cases that the leather goods users will encounter, if your leather goods have the above in the case, don’t worry, please hand it to LEATHER PRO. Please see the photos before and after, you can see the difference, so the normal maintenance is very important.

1-LEATHER PRO-Clean Mousse
2-Leather Moisturizer Cream

1-Use one cloth and some Clean Mousse to clean the bag.
3-Use one cloth and some Leather Moisturizer Cream to apply. Waiting dry off, use one clean cloth to polish

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※ With special finishing on color, Please call the professional LEATHER PRO.
※ Please must tell us getting the information from the fan page of Leather PRO or from official website .