This is a backpack that the customer bought in Turkey. It was accidentally scratched by his love cat, so come to LEATHER PRO and deal with it. In the photo, you can see there are many scratches of being caught and a little bit of wear and tear. After the maintenance treatment, the scratches and wear on the backpack, and the cracked place are as natural as new. There is no damage at all.

Regardless of bags, shoes, clothes, sofas, etc. as long as there is any small damage, LEATHER PRO will not let it go because we hope that after our repair can continue to show its charm, which is the spirit of LEATHER PRO brand.

1-Clean Mousse
2-Leather Brightening Cream

1-Use one cloth and some Clean Mousse to clean the surface.
2-Fill the holes
3-Color repair
4-Use a sponge or one cotton cloth and some Leather Brightening Cream to polish the surface.

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※ With special finishing on color, Please call the professional LEATHER PRO.
※ Please must tell us getting the information from the fan page of Leather PRO or from official website .